About The Uni Diaries

Welcome to The Uni Diaries – the dotcom blog solely dedicated to what’s arguably the world’s greatest culinary delight: uni aka sea urchin.

Based in New York City, I’m an avid world traveler, big city dweller, and the ultimate uni fanatic on a mission to discover, taste, and share the world’s greatest sea urchin. After starting what’s now the most popular uni-dedicated page on Instagram, this site is taking that obsession to a whole new level with in-depth recommendations/reviews, extensive guides, and more – all in an effort to be the go-to resource for those who love memorable eats and shared experiences as much as I do, whether you’re an uni lover already or just trying it for the first time.


My passion kick-started after I moved to Beijing for what ended up being four years in 2008, putting me right in the heart of the seafood mecca that is Asia. Having always loved “weird” eats just like my spirit animals Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain, sea urchin is something that immediately caught my eye because it was EVERYWHERE: from the tree-lined streets of Shanghai to the beautiful beaches of Boracay to hidden alleyways in Hong Kong. Its rich yet subtle flavor profile won me over from day one, making sea urchin for me what chocolate/candy is to a sweet tooth or pasta/bread is to a carb lover: my #1 guilty pleasure and be-all end-all.

Get in touch at contact@theunidiaries.com!

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