Soba Totto (NYC): Go-To Homemade Soba in Midtown

One of my favorite snacks EVER is uni soba with grated mountain yam. There’s just something irresistible about the sweet and creaminess of sea urchin paired with the weird yet deliciously slimy texture of the yam. Soba Totto is one of a few places in NYC known for the dish, but I never found a reason to make the cross-town trek until a recent dinner at Sushi Yasuda right next door…so, we decided to go for the “bang bang” that night aka a double dinner aka what turned into the most glorious night of eating ever.

The best part of the meal was (obviously) the uni soba ($21), which featured a huge portion of fresh-as-can-be uni, grated mountain yam, and nori, all paired with a light and refreshing pour-it-yourself wasabi dashi soy sauce on the side. And of course, perfectly-cooked soba noodles made in-house. So clean, so simple, so good.

Check out the yummy highlights:

Sake presentation on point.
The glorious uni soba from Soba Totto…seriously, so much uni that every bite was overflowing with it.
One of countless spoonfuls of uni soba that were super tasty.
Love me some tako wasa ($6) aka wasabi octopus.
Speaking of weird foods, hotaru ika ($6) aka picked firefly squid is another one of my favorites. Stinky, fishy, but crazy addicting.

Soba Totto – Pros:

  • Great atmosphere that’s really conducive to intimate catch-ups or date night.
  • Delicious uni soba. Super similar to the uni soba from Soba-ya which isn’t a bad thing. Both great.
  • Cheap and flavorful appetizers to pair with whatever your soba of choice may be.
  • They have a soba bar (similar to a sushi bar) where you can sit and see all of the action first-hand.

Soba Totto – Cons:

  • Hardly a con but we did have a reservation for two at the bar, which they gave away to a couple walk-ins even though we were no more than five minutes late. Sat at a table instead, but it was still an enjoyable experience without any real complaints.

Rating [out of 5]: ★★★★

229 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003

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